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Celebrate an birthday o anniversary with a handmade wooden number, cake or key. Individual numbers will hold the right amount for the birthday. eg: 7 holds 7 candles. Bigger birthdays (2 digit) numbers linked and a scattering of holes for candles! The cake will hold 12 birthday candles. All products can be personalised with name, birth date and your best wishes free of charge.

Birthdays & Anniversaries

Prices are as follows:

Single Numbers: UK = £6.00 / EU = £7.00 / ROW = £7.50

Double Numbers: UK = £12.00 / EU = £13.50 / ROW = £14.50

Triple Numbers: UK/EU/ROW = £17.00


Size: 12cm diameter

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Coming of Age Key

Size: 27cm long

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