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Noah’s Ark

The Ark is 38cm long excluding the ramp it has 22 figures in sycamore with detachable roof and cabin, where ramp and animals can be stored.

This is the same size ark as the regular Ark to the left, but is a painted version with a separate ocean tray.

The nursery ark comes in two sizes 66cm long and 84cm long the smaller one has 30 animals the larger has 40. They both come complete with rainbow detachable flat roof cabin with hinged doors and stalls inside and hatches into the base where ramp and animals can be stored.

A 3D puzzle which is a stand alone gift or as an addition to the ark. The colours separate and then can be held in the cloud, names can also be added.

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If would like additional personalisation, please contact us.

The Ark

Painted Ark

Ark Nursery

The Rainbow